Private land conservation cases

Rincón del Sur

Los Lagos Region Puerto Montt

Fundación Tierra Austral and Colbún S.A. signed an unprecedented Derecho Real de Conservación (DRC) agreement that will protect in perpetuity 436 hectares located in Lake Chapo, in the Los Lagos Region. Adjoining in part of its extension with the Alerce Andino National Park and the Llanquihue National Reserve, Lago Chapo and the lands on its

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Parque El Boldo

Zapallar, Región de Valparaíso Corporación Bosques de Zapallar
Municipalidad de Zapallar

Parque El Boldo is a beautiful 62-hectare coastal landscape in the resort city of Zapallar. It is comprised of native Mediterranean forest, including Olivillo, Belloto del Norte and Naranjillo trees.  El Boldo has been protected by a DRC by the landowner/Grantor, the NGO Corporación Bosques de Zapallar (CBZ), and the Grantee, the Municipality of Zapallar. 

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Hacienda El Durazno

Canela, Región de Coquimbo Fundación Llampangui – CONAF

Hacienda El Durazno Park is a 6,300-hectare property, owned by a family, and located in the southern part of the Coquimbo Region. The park is comprised of an ecologically significant wildlife habitat transition zone between the desert and the Mediterranean climate. This landscape and its location make it particularly vulnerable to both unsustainable development and

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Futaleufú Watershed

Futaleufú, Región de los Lagos

Two landowners in the Futaleufú River Basin, a global whitewater rafting designation, are collaborating on DRC agreements to protect their properties.  These projects mark the beginning of a partnership between the landowners, FTA and other NGOs in the region to conserve the watershed of this beautiful river and its tributaries.  The Futaleufú Basin provides habitat

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Cerro Poqui

Coltauco, Región del Libertador Bernardo O`Higgins Fundación Tierra Austral

The Cerro Poqui property is comprised entirely of the globally rare Mediterranean habitat and is located in the Boldo to Cantillana habitat corridor, which has been designated by the Fundación Tierra Austral (FTA) as a high priority for conservation. Cerro Poqui is 345 hectares/3,718 acres in size, and is located in the town of Coltauco.

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