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Los Lagos Region Puerto Montt

Fundación Tierra Austral and Colbún S.A. signed an unprecedented Derecho Real de Conservación (DRC) agreement that will protect in perpetuity 436 hectares located in Lake Chapo, in the Los Lagos Region.

Adjoining in part of its extension with the Alerce Andino National Park and the Llanquihue National Reserve, Lago Chapo and the lands on its shores form a biological corridor between these protected areas, allowing the natural flow and preservation of populations of flora and fauna that strengthen the ecosystems that inhabit there.

In this context, the electricity generation company Colbún, which has land in the area, took an unprecedented step in Chile and allocated 436 hectares of forests and ecosystems typical of the area to be conserved in perpetuity under the figure of a Derecho Real de Conservación (DRC). In this case, in 2021 Colbún signed a voluntary contract with Fundación Tierra Austral where the latter ensures compliance with the conservation of the land. Thus, this agreement became the first corporate DRC in Chile, reflecting the compatibility between conservation and the productive sector, as long as the projects are carried out with a sustainable approach.

This agreement, in addition to preserving the natural heritage of most of the area under DRC, will allow recreational activities and low-impact tourism in strategic areas.

The foregoing is especially relevant considering that in the monitoring carried out to date, threats with different degrees of risk have been identified, among which are: introduction of exotic species, change of land use, forest fires, climate change, among others. Therefore, the Derecho Real de Conservación agreement signed has been key to the protection of the place.

The land has a high ecological and landscape value and the agreement protects the area from any type of activity that alters its natural value.

For more information, please visit this link: https://www.colbun.cl/en/corporate/environmental/biodiversity-and-conservation