Parque El Boldo

Zapallar, Región de Valparaíso Corporación Bosques de Zapallar
Municipalidad de Zapallar

Parque El Boldo is a beautiful 62-hectare coastal landscape in the resort city of Zapallar. It is comprised of native Mediterranean forest, including Olivillo, Belloto del Norte and Naranjillo trees.  El Boldo has been protected by a DRC by the landowner/Grantor, the NGO Corporación Bosques de Zapallar (CBZ), and the Grantee, the Municipality of Zapallar. 

Parque El Boldo was protected in response to a threat to the property from a proposed real estate development that would have destroyed the property’s native Mediterranean habitat; this kind of unsustainable development would have been particularly inappropriate in a highly scenic coastal landscape.  A group of local landowners took action by acquiring the property and forming a new conservation NGO to own and manage it as a private protected area. The new organization is called Corporación Bosques de Zapallar (CBZ).

This was the first step in the long-term protection of Parque El Boldo. The second step was for CBZ, acting as the Grantor, to enter into a DRC with the Municipality of Zapallar, which would be the Grantee. The DRC restricts real estate development and other unsustainable land uses that would have a negative impact on the property’s conservation values, especially its native flora and fauna and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. 

CBZ continues to manage Parque El Boldo as a private protected area which allows the public to walk on its 7-kilometer trail network, and to participate in environmental programs. The Municipality of Zapallar is the first local government agencies to be a party to a DRC, demonstrating vision and community leadership that is an important example for other public entities  throughout the country. 

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